portland's "street repair" includes painting intersections. some are listed on city repair project's "street painting examples" page.


white=unverified, orange=photos taken, grey=does not exist, original list

photographed intersections:

SE 9th & Yamhill, "Crafts & Drafts". Painted 2015, cityrepair.
NE 53rd & Everett, "N Tabor Mandala". Painted 2015, cityrepair.
SE 86th & Glenwood, "SW Lents is the place to BEE". Painted 2015, cityrepair.
SE 70th & Ogden, "Ogden Street Mural". Painted June 2016, fb.
SE 40th & Salmon, "Heart"
SE 45th & Ivon, "Richmond Intersection Repair"